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At present, the third wave of the information industry represented by the Internet of Things is sweeping the world, and as a typical representative of the new generation of information technology, the Internet of Things has become a core drive for global industrial transformation and an important engine for sustainable socio-economic development. How to make use of the Internet of Things to develop a new ‘good governance and people benefiting’ model of precise governance, fairness and preferential administration and establish a new ‘business promotion and enterprise benefiting’ pattern for public entrepreneurship and industry upgrading is a great opportunity and a new challenge for the government and traditional industries/enterprises of various regions.

By building an Internet of Things cloud service platform, iSoftStone ‘Internet of Things+’ solutions gather the resources of the government, research institutes, industrial partners and industries to build an Internet of Things industrial ecosphere that can provide a coordinated process of the Internet of Things industrial services, extend the application of the smart city Internet of Things, develop innovation and development bases for the Internet of Things industry, and promote the industry cluster and work division of the regional Internet of Things.


iSoftStone Internet of Things Cloud Service Platform comprises four modules, ‘Core Hub’, ‘Core Accelerator’, ‘Core Link’ and ‘Core Visualization’, and is an end-to-end service platform built based on ‘smart equipment + the Internet of Things + mobile + big data’. The Internet of Things Cloud Service Platform supports the convenient access and unified control and management of smart equipment/sensors, assists enterprises in accelerating the development and iteration of Internet of Things products, offers customers and end consumers with safe Internet of Things big data services and user experiences through abundant functions, and provides efficient multi-tier support for applications and services in fields such as urban management and services, industrial manufacturing, home and individual application, innovation and business startups, etc., via sensing, access, interconnection, application support and smart analysis.

‘Core Hub’, Control Hub of the Internet of Things

‘Core Hub’ adopts an application architecture of enterprise-level and an open data service interface protocol to realize the unified access, control, management, configuration and analysis of equipment, and supports various types of Internet of Things equipment to be quickly and easily connected to the Internet, the cloud and Apps. With numerous product research databases, the platform can quickly respond to the smart business requirements of various Internets of Things, to provide superior and sound Internet of Things connection control and management services to the vast manufacturers, integrators and service providers of the Internet of Things industry as well as government organizations, to speed up the overall development of the Internet of Things industry.

‘Core Accelerator’, Smart Hardware Accelerator

‘Core Accelerator’ is an open service platform specially developed for small and medium-sized smart hardware enterprises, entrepreneurs and hardware fans for ‘Internet + smart equipment’ development. The platform provides a series of premade navigation styles and interfaces, so that users can quickly build and release their personalized mobile Apps and cross-platform Internet of Things Apps of high quality by simply dragging and combining them, to accelerate the launch of new products and help users to extend their brands to consumer end and improve the reputation of their products.

‘Core Link’, Linkage Device of Internet of Things Equipment

The Internet of Things standard open protocol based ‘Core Link’ platform can help consumers to conduct personalized control and linked operation over different types of Internet of Things equipment. By scanning the two-dimensional equipment code, users can realize the identification of different Internet of Things devices and equipment, virtual connect, function combination and linked operation and control. In the near future, ‘link whatever you like’ will no longer be a fantasy, and all smart hardware will be controlled by one APP to enable users to build a world of Internet of Things virtual reality that suits them the most.

‘Core Visualization’, Internet of Things Big Data Service

‘Core Visualization’, the Internet of Things big data service platform, helps the vast manufacturers, service providers and entrepreneur teams to realize the visualization of big data of their products and services and the big data service support through acquisition, cleaning, desensitization, filtration and analysis of Internet of Things equipment data, helps users to comprehend the product state, end user information, production use condition, etc. in a 360-degree perspective to quickly understand the value of data, and provides value-added services such as innovative product design, logistic tracking service, user behavior and trend identification, product improvement, user purchase prediction, etc., which will lead the direction of product evolution in the years to come and improve user satisfaction.

Smart City Internet of Things Service Support

With the Internet of Things technology, build a smart city Internet of Things basic service support platform to provide efficient multi-tier supports, including design, development, testing, service, operation, etc., for application and service in the fields of urban logistics, manufacturing, grid, traffic, environmental protection, municipal facility, commercial activity, healthcare, water conservancy, public security, etc., through thorough perception, measurement, broad access, interconnection, smart analysis and sharing of various types of urban information with the support of various coordinated application systems, to realize the city management and society service goals of ‘safety, convenience, health and efficiency’.

Capability Advantages

Efficient Expansion

Support the access of multiple standard protocols, and be able to realize efficient expansion through the SOA modularized service architectural design of the platform, facilitating the connection, control and management of dozens to thousands of sets of equipment.

Easier Development

Drag type graphic application development modules, numerous case sample codes, terse application development tools, and clear, concise and complete programming examples and interface files make development easier.

Smarter Platform

The Platform has a strong self-learning ability, and can transfer the connected protocols, devices, equipment, interfaces, etc., into its ‘empirical data’ to continuously improve the smart level of the Platform.

City-Level Big Data Insight

The powerful ‘multi-task concurrent processing’ technology supports data interaction of mega level, and the unique ‘data analysis’ technology supports data analysis of 10-mega level.

Customer Benefits

Benefits for Government

The Internet of Things Cloud Service Platform can, on the one hand, effectively promote the gathering of resources in the Internet of Things ecosphere to assist the local government to develop the regional Internet of Things industry, and on the other hand, provide service supports for fields such as urban traffic, logistics, manufacturing, grid, traffic, environmental protection, municipal facility, commercial activity, healthcare, water conservancy, public security, etc., through the Smart City Internet of Things Platform, to realize the city management and society service goals of ‘safety, convenience, health and efficiency’.

Benefits for Enterprises

Help enterprises to remain flexible and agile in the age of the Internet of Things, accelerate the innovation of enterprises, and drive enterprises to transform from product supply to service supply; help enterprises to gain insight into the product use information of users, quickly understand the value of data, and improve the satisfaction of users, to acquire a bigger market share.

Benefits for Consumers

Connect and control different smart hardware made by different manufacturers through APPs, and realize the linked operation of multiple sets of equipment by simply moving one’s finger on the screen, to tremendously improve consumer experience.

Typical Customers


Internet of Things application integrator

Small and medium sized smart hardware manufacturer


Smart hardware fans

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