Experience center planning and construction

Program Overview

iSoftStone’s Smart Innovation Experience Center is a smart city experience platform based on next-generation big data technology (the Digital Twins). The Innovation Experience Center is people-oriented, and connects the leadership, departments, enterprises, and society. The application of big data is its core, and it naturally fuses of intelligent venue technology, structuring the application scenarios for the connection, integration, and conversion of digital cities and economic development resources. It also adopts a visual language for cities from different angles to realize both digital city and economic visualization. The city experience platform enhances the sense experience of the city, rendering its services more accessible, and its future tangible! It builds an portal by which ordinary people can experience intelligent and digital life, obtain information, and enjoy other application services, as well as providing enterprises with a shared recommendation platform, thus forming a massive innovation service interface linking production, study, research, and applications, leading the development of the city’s digital economy, and promoting all of society to build and share their smart city together.

Service Range

iSoftStone’s Smart Innovation Experience Center adheres to the concept of “one-stop” service, and provides an omni-directional and integrated planning, design, construction, and operational program. It supports project planning, spatial planning and design, decorative exhibitions, technical architecture, film and television production, digital content development, product design, engineering technology and the entire process of project implementation. Furthermore, the most advanced solutions and products are introduced into the innovation experience center according to the smart cities of the group and their innovative ecological resources. More content and concepts from “black technology” are introduced, making the sensory experience full of flexibility and free of strain, realizing the quick modular deployment of the innovation experience center, and ensuring the integrity and consistency of the design philosophy and concepts throughout the process of implementation, rendering the creation consistent with the content, technology, and engineering.

Our Advantages

1. Creative design and construction concept: Upholds the design concept of "exploration, experience, sharing", with an overall construction policy that is "cutting-edge, practical, customizable, and transmissible", comprehensively applying high-tech digital media, combining online and offline functionality, and providing highly unified science and art, data and visualization, service, and passionate design.

2. Sustainable operation management system: Possesses industry-leading interactive display technology and a safe and efficient operational management system, and realizes content distribution and updating through "one-key reconstruction", making the experience more "situational" and "characterized", the technology perceivable, and the venue smarter.

3. Robust resource integration capability: Our professional expert teams for smart cities fully consider the overall internal and external resource state during the design and planning process, integrating the demands and positioning of specific projects, benchmarking the development trends at home and abroad, and introducing advanced solutions, thereby finally presenting a leading platform that is multi-angle, multi-role, and multi-context.

4. Cutting-edge experiential product deployment: Combines with the characteristic concepts of "forward-looking planning, ordered development" in smart city construction, structuring an O2O interactive experience product, actively conforming to the city’s themes, and focusing on the extension and experience design of the contents, thereby enhancing the vitality of the experience center.

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