iSoftStone is the first domestic supplier covering the five major state-owned enterprises in the IT service market. It has formed a complete solution system including risk management, CRM, performance appraisal, statistical analysis, and regulatory reporting, etc., and has carried numerous innovations in mobile banking, direct banking, WeChat banking, smart self-help services at branches, precision marketing, big data, and IT governance. At present, iSoftStone maintains close cooperation with many state-owned commercial banks, state-owned stock-holding banks, and leading domestic regional banks.


iSoftStone has been evaluated as the leading manufacturer of property insurance core systems in the IDC Leadership Grid for insurance industry solutions. As one of the first domestic service providers to provide solutions for the insurance industry, iSoftStone has years of accumulated experience, and has fully developed its capacity to provide comprehensive solutions for the insurance industry. Following the recent developments of the Internet, iSoftStone’s key solutions are fully supported by the Internet, cloud computing, and big data.

Enterprise Finance

iSoftStone has comprehensive capabilities in enterprise financial services, and the global services it provides include: business consulting, IT planning, network development, standardized software products and information system design, and operations and maintenance, among many others. It has a professional team with thousands of highly-trained staff members, and it has provided services to over 300 financial institutions.Due to its outstanding performance in this field, iSoftStone was awarded the title of “2017 Corporate Finance Leadership Company”.


iSoftStone provides full digital services to the securities industry, including data analysis, data mining, algorithm research, application development, and professional testing, etc. It serves customers such as the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shanghai Securities Exchange, the Shenzhen Securities Exchange and other securities exchanges, securities service institutions, and regulatory institutions for domestic securities.

Funding Companies

Since 2007, iSoftStone has provided a full range of ITO services for funding companies, and successfully launched its cooperation with ChinaAMC. Thus far, iSoftStone has provided over ten years of professional services to ChinaAMC.


iSoftStone focuses on providing trust companies with integrated solutions for information management, which cover project management, customer service management, trust account management, asset utilization management, accounting valuation, and risk management and control, among others. iSoftStone aims to build a core operating platform that covers all the business areas of trust companies.

Financial Companies

iSoftStone has helped numerous large and medium-sized groups to integrate dispersed funds, developing and expanding the financial data both upstream and downstream in the group’s industrial chain, and protecting the financial information of finance companies. At present, iSoftStone has provided services for 110+ financial companies, which are primarily central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and has business with 70% of the financial companies that are also central enterprises. With the rise of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and AI, iSoftStone utilizes its advanced platforms to comprehensively cover and support the business development and innovation of the financial companies. New applications, such as "Domestic + Overseas", "Local Currency + Foreign Currency", "Cash + Bills", "PC+ mobile", and "Group + Financial Companies", will bring new experiences and business expansion to our clients.

Internet Finance

iSoftStone is committed to information construction and to the development of Internet credit, money management, crowd funding, cross-border e-commerce, and other innovative Internet financial platforms, thereby improving the information processing, risk control, and big data processing abilities of customers, raising their financial service efficiency and reducing their labor costs. At present, iSoftStone has served for numerous key customers in the industry, such as JD Finance and China Auto Rental, etc., and has provided many products, including third-party payments, big data for finance, online consumer and supply chain finance, equity-based crowdfunding, financial institution, APP and many others.


Through big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet and other new technologies, iSoftStone is committed to the integrated innovation of ICT and Internet enterprise business, and to leading the transformation of the Internet enterprise business model and the upgrading of operational modes. iSoftStone has provided diversified and comprehensive solutions for many well-known domestic Internet companies, and as a provider of core information and technology services for Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Didi Chuxing, MIUI, and other enterprises. At the same time, iSoftStone also provides services for portal media websites such as Xinhua, Netease, Sina, and others.


iSoftStone has diversified all-round solutions in the high-tech field, which not only help customers to calmly deal with market changes and respond quickly, but which also promote the customer’s products and technologies, bringing them to market at a faster pace. At present, iSoftStone has 24,000+ employees who provide diversified all-round solutions for nearly 10 Fortune Global 500 companies, including such industry leaders as Huawei, IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft. Of these, iSoftStone has cooperated with Huawei for more than ten years and has established a comprehensive strategic partnership with them. It is the core supplier for Huawei’s software and information technology services.


iSoftStone has robust capabilities in providing services for regional communications, fully satisfying the needs of telecommunications operators, equipment manufacturers, and service providers, and providing a full range of customized services for the telecommunications industry. At present, iSoftStone has provided services for 15+ telecommunications companies, and it is involved in more than ten related fields. It provides services for many clients in this industry, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. Among these, iSoftStone has cooperated with China Mobile for 10 years, is their close cooperative partner and a core supplier, and it has become one of the first companies to join the 5G Innovation Center.


iSoftStone is committed to promoting the informational development of China’s energy industry, and the comprehensive information solutions it provides include: IT consulting and planning, automated controls, business management (GIS, MIS, EAM), analysis, decision-making, and many others. The customers include three major power generation groups and two major power grid companies, among others.Main solutions include: photovoltaic power generation monitoring systems, distributed network automated control systems, spatial big data service platforms (3DGIS and underground pipeline management systems), energy efficiency management platforms, production supervision and online management systems, data acquisition and exchange systems.

Real Estate

iSoftStone continuously innovates in the fields of real estate, the Internet, and emerging technologies, focusing on the large-scale real estate industry groups and medium-sized cross-regional groups that mainly engage in real estate. It promotes business with technology and meets challenges with knowledge, providing application solutions and services for integrated industries and helping its clients build a comprehensive IT system for commercial real estate.


iSoftStone has designed and developed the trinity intelligent logistics cloud platform, which fully integrates the advantages of “Logistics + Internet + big data” with the related resources in the entire logistics industry chain, providing resource docking and other services to shippers, car owners, logistics transportation enterprises, storage enterprises, vehicle maintenance enterprises, and insurance companies.


iSoftStone is a trusted digital partner in the retail and consumer industry, and for years it has been providing end-to-end services to global companies, accumulating rich experience in enterprise application systems (such as ERP, SCM, CRM), digital applications, and solutions. In addition, iSoftStone has also established strategic partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, and others.


iSoftStone is committed to helping the automotive industry quickly respond to market changes via information technology. It has comprehensive service capabilities including research and development management, supply chain management, dealership management, after-sales service management, among others, and has accumulated robust capabilities and rich experience in many aspects of the industry, such as management and consulting for automotive R&D projects, automotive Mobile Internet, and many others. At present, iSoftStone has served over 14 well-known automobile manufacturers.

General Solutions

In the era of the digital economy, traditional growth methods are difficult to sustain, and more and more customers are focusing on upgrading traditional industries by applying next generation information technologies and models. Having accumulated the best practices from many industries, iSoftStone helps customers to build agile and efficient infrastructure platforms, enhances their digital operations, reshapes their business models, provides them with a broad and innovative growth space, and accelerates the digitalization of their industry.

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