5G + Industry Users in a Different Digital Future

The release of the 5G business package by three major operators marks the unveiling of the 5G era. Themed by 5G+Unlimited Possibilities, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2019 was held in Guangzhou on November 14. As a close partner and core supplier of China Mobile, iSoftStone took part in the Conference with the latest 5G technology innovation results such as Collaborative Manufacturing Cloud Service Platform and digital logistics products. While enhancing cooperation with China Mobile, iSoftStone also joined hands with multiple 5G ecological partners to create win-win and write a new digital chapter in the 5G era.


In light of the future, iSoftStone and China Mobile have great vision and foresight for industry integration and innovation in the 5G era. Previously, the two sides worked together to promote construction of China Mobile 5G Innovation Center and tap the technology potential of 5G era. In this regard, iSoftStone uses 5G technology to promote multi-industry digital integration development and create value for customers in all fields.

The future has revealed the magic of 5G

Technology has boosted the development of the world, making the future come sooner than expected. Automobiles may conduct automatic driving and help drivers plan the route; ultra HD movies can be downloaded within 1 second … These scenes, which seem to exist only in sci-fi movies, will be made possible by 5G.


Of course, 5G may do more than that. While bringing about huge changes in life, it may promote industrial change. As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone believes that with the advent of the 5G era, new IT technologies such as cloud computing, AI, big data and IoT will merge with the real economy in a broader, deeper and higher level, thereby accelerating the digitalization, networking and intelligentization of the real economy.

As for 5G+manufacturing, iSoftStone uses intelligent manufacturing collaborative supply chain to create future

In the era of 5G, the digital transformation of industries and enterprises will face more opportunities and challenges. Take the manufacturing industry as an example, the industry is plagued by overcapacity, rising costs, lack of core technology, and low degree of internationalization. In the tide of digital intelligence, transformation and upgrading demand is of urgent importance. Relying on the service capacity and experience, iSoftStone applies 5G and other technologies to build an intelligent manufacturing collaborative supply chain solution, leading the manufacturing industry to realize digital transformation and step into the future.

As for the discrete manufacturing industry, the core of intelligent manufacturing collaborative supply chain is the internet+ collaborative manufacturing cloud service platform. Based on 5G, big data and other technologies, the platform adopts hybrid cloud architecture to facilitate transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry by providing collaborative manufacturing cloud services, including intelligent manufacturing, innovative design, flexible manufacturing, supply chain collaboration, remote maintenance and so on.

As for 5G+logistics, iSoftStone employs digital logistics product to rebuild business types

Similarly, the logistics industry is hindered by disorderly customer management process, transaction information asymmetry, imperfect credit system, transaction payment risk, and other issues. To this end, iSoftStone launched digital logistics products, to resolve concerns of the logistics industry, and reshape the industry format.


This system, centered on the logistics transportation management, coordinates transportation information of cargo owners, consignees, transportation enterprises, drivers and third-party logistics enterprises, applies technologies 5G and IoT to realize collaborative management and visual monitoring of the whole logistics transportation process, and improves working efficiency and resource utilization rate of the logistics transportation process.

Over the years, iSoftStone has always attached importance to new technologies, and regarded 5G as a key investment field. In addition, it has made efforts in technical reserves, ecological construction, personnel training and other aspects, to make all-round preparations for the 5G era. Therefore, when the 5G era is really coming, iSoftStone will win the 5G battlefield and lead the new digital construction with sufficient technology reserves and forward-looking planning.

In addition to the manufacturing and logistics industries, iSoftStone, relying on cutting-edge technologies including 5G, empowers transformation and upgrading in various fields, and boosts economic development worldwide with digital services.

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